Corporate Team Building Events That Matter

Honored to Serve those Who Have Served

Corporate Team Building Events That Matter

Your Company can Make a Huge Local Impact

Corporate Team Building That Matters

Tailor Made for National & Regional Company Sales Meetings

Corporate Team Building That Matters

Build Hundreds of “Cheer-Up” Gift Boxes with Your Co-Workers right in Your Office

Corporate Team Building That Matters

Large Company Teams Can Make Nationwide Impact

Corporate Team Building That Matters

Corporate Teams Provide a Charitable Touch

Corporate Team Building That Matters

Small Corporate Teams Love Our Events and Deliver Hundreds of Cheer Up Gift Boxes

Make your next team building event the most memorable and meaningful your team has ever experienced!

Building hundreds of “cheer-up” gifts and then allowing members of YOUR TEAM to deliver those gifts to every US Military Veteran in a VA Hospital will bring joy to to those who have served our country and to those who now serve them through the Veteran’s Affairs hospitals across the country.

Our corporate team building events strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility, emotionally bond your team and always make a difference for so many of our Veteran’s who need a reason to smile. These events reach your local hospitals and make such a difference in your local market.

To discuss our corporate team building events and receive your own Veteran’s / Military Cheeriodical free of charge, contact us:

Phone: (205) 677-2069

Corporate Team Building has 2 Parts

Corporate Team Building Events That Benefit Veteran's Hospitals

Are you looking for a truly unique corporate team building event, an activity guaranteed to bring smiles to your team while delivering smiles to hundreds of US Military Veteran's?

Part 1: Team Building Activity

We coordinate with Veteran’s Affairs hospitals to match sponsors who want to provide a Cheeriodicals gift box for every Veteran within a given hospital.

We deliver all the materials, tools and instruction to the sponsoring company’s meeting location.

The event is custom designed to fit the needs of the sponsor, including the number of team builders participating (20 – 1,000+), the hospital supported, as well as meeting time requirements.

At the core of these team building activities is a unique combination of ‘teamwork required to build the Cheeriodicals’ and sharing how the event provided cheer to a hospital that serves our Veterans.

Part 2: Gift Box Delivery

Following the team building event, a small group of team building participants (5-10) will have the opportunity to personally deliver gifts boxes to hospitalized Veterans.

We coordinate all the details involved in making the gift box delivery to the hospital.

Two Men and a Truck transport Cheeriodicals gift boxes from the team building location to the hospital. The Cheeriodicals team and hospital staff organize the gift boxes so they are ready to be delivered when corporate teams arrive.

Teams never forget the experience of personally hand-delivering Cheeriodicals to men and women who have served our country. Delivering a gift takes only a few minutes but the memory created has lasting impact for everyone involved!

Here are just a few of our clients . . .

Standard Event Pricing

Our event pricing ranges from $8,000+ for our smaller events / smaller hospital deliveries and increases accordingly for larger corporate events / larger hospital deliveries. Delivering a customized and personalized gift box to every Veteran in a VA Hospital is a significant undertaking with equally fulfilling rewards!

Below you’ll find our standard event pricing model:

Pricing Components:

  • Cheeriodicals Gift Boxes @ $75.00 each (80 box minimum with no maximum number of boxes)
  • Team Building Fee – $2,000 for up to 100 participants (greater than 100 participants, $18 per person)
  • Minimum Shipping Charge – $400, increases proportionally based upon the number of Cheeriodicals assembled
  • Minimum Travel Costs – $800, for onsite Cheeriodicals Facilitator travel (Flights, Hotel, Transportation, and Meals)

Optional Event Add-on Considerations:

  • Personalized Team Building Event and Hospital Delivery Video – $995.00
  • Post Event Press Release – $199 (prepared and submitted to national online press release and outreach to 50+ local editors, journalist, and staff writers)

Pricing Calculation Examples

Minimum Event / Smaller Team
Up to 100 Participants with Smaller Hospital / 80 Patients

  • 80 Cheeriodicals @$75 each: $6,000
  • Team Building Fee for up to 100 participants: $2,000
  • Shipping Charge: $400
  • Travel Costs for Cheeriodicals Facilitator travel: $925

Total Costs: $9,325

Example Event
200 Participants with Larger Hospital / 200 Patients

  • 200 Cheeriodicals @$75 each: $15,000
  • Team Building Fee: 200 participants x $18 each: $3,600
  • Shipping Charge: $900
  • Travel Costs for Two Cheeriodicals Facilitators: $1,850

Total Costs: $21,350

The information above is only an example to help you understand our pricing structure. We will always prepare a custom proposal to meet your event needs and make sure your team has the best experience possible.

Corporate Team Building Events and Hospital Delivery Events Include:

  • One to two hours of team building (we can shorten or lengthen based upon your needs)
  • All supplies and materials needed to build the Cheeriodicals
  • Connection and coordination with the Veterans or military hospital to schedule and plan the event
  • Initiate social media campaign to announce event across multiple platforms including: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, and Linkedin
  • Coordinate with sponsor and hospital PR Teams to build awareness with local media, request photography of event and coverage by local magazines, develop press release
  • Manage the Cheeriodicals Day from delivery of gift boxes, set-up in lobby or central location, distribution of Cheeriodicals to the Veterans

Cheeriodicals Donations to Hospitals

Our entire business is focused on bringing people cheer when they’re feeling less than their best. We work with hospitals around the country to deliver gift boxes to their patients – through our corporate partners, many times that includes every patient in a hospital at the same time! We’ve delivered over 45,000 Cheeriodicals so far through our corporate events.

Corporate Team Building Events and VA Hospital Deliveries

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