Photo & Video Gallery

We still believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Please browse through our photo and video gallery that follows and you’ll understand why our most unique corporate team building ideas change lives for the hospitalized children across the US. You’ll also see how our activities bring one-of-a-kind smiles to the families, the hospital staff, the media and of course the corporate sponsor teams.

Siemens Healthcare – Nashville, TN

Andersen Windows and Doors – Phoenix, AZ

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Dallas, TX

Worldwide Technology – St. Louis, MO

LabCorp – Chapel Hill, NC

AbbVie Pharmaceuticals – Chicago, IL

TriMega – EPIC2016 – Nashville, TN

Northstar Anesthesia – Dallas, TX


These photos show the magic but don’t tell the full story. Your team has to experience the feeling of giving a gift that brings smiles to everyone.