"ee-Man" Comes to Life The core element of what we provide for our customers is a "Cheerful Periodical", a "pick-me-up". That same element transcends far beyond our business goals and is the backbone of our charitable mission as we provide a "pick-me-up" to children with challenging diseases. We thought the best way for you to experience that same feeling would be to bring "ee-Man" and his smile to life on a couple of products. Hopefully they'll make you smile as well.

Love Our Edibles? We spent months (literally!) choosing these edibles and of course put on a few pounds trying out nearly 100 items. When we say you'll love our edibles, we mean it. They're awesome! Most of these items are difficult to find in stores, so our site may be your best place to get these specialty snacks. Additionally, since we purchase in bulk, we can provide you with great pricing. So, help yourself to some of our indulgent edibles.