Selfless Determination – Power of 1

As you read this, at least half of you are considering your next meal. And I’m with you.  Somewhere between Phoenix and Birmingham at 38,000 feet, I’m imagining my bowl of tortilla chicken soup on the layover that awaits.

What if that meal wasn’t waiting? What if you literally couldn’t eat?

Meet John (Little Buddy) Padilla. Buddy hasn’t eaten a meal in more than 8 years.

If you’ll take the time to read this story, I can assure you’ll see your world, the world in general, much differently. The story is about the selfless determination of an eighteen year old young man who has refused to give up, refused to settle, refused to not change lives. It’s the kind of story that causes 400 adults to give a standing ovation to a relatively small young man, with a big voice and a powerful message. The real power of his message was even greater than expected because it was more than his words, it was his unspoken action. In his case, just showing up is the message.

Buddy has a rare disorder, megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis, that causes his gastrointestinal system to not absorb and digest foods and liquids as it should. As a result, Buddy has a parenteral nutrition line that provides him continuous nutrition as needed throughout the day.  So, when he notes that he hasn’t eaten in 8 years, he means it.